Oh boy, you better brace yourselves, because Shibie is off the leash and onto the crypto field

This Shiba Inu-Barbie crossbreed is the prancing, panting, and downright provocative queen of the crypto world.

Shibie is not your average coin

Nope, she’s a dog with a mission. A real bitch with a purpose. Born from a saucy late-night encounter between a Shiba Inu and a Barbie doll, Shibie’s been living the “Life in Plastic”, and oh, how chew-tastic it’s been!

Now she’s setting her sights on a new chew toy – the world of crypto. And trust us, she’s got the bite to back up her bark.

As the sun sets, our Shibie prances onto the scene, ready to spread her sass across the blockchain. A provocative prance here, a flirtatious wag there, and voila! She’s got the crypto community panting in anticipation.


Why, you ask?

Well, Shibie’s on a mission. A mission to strut, sashay, and scamper her way to the top of the crypto kennel. She’s all about that pup-ternity life, and she’s not shy to show it.

"Come on Shibie, let’s go doggy!"

she barks, chasing after every opportunity with the relentlessness of a hound on the hunt. She’s not just any mutt; she’s a Barbie in a dog’s world, and she’s taking no prisoners.

But don’t let her flirtatious frolic fool you. Behind those puppy-dog eyes lies the ambition of a queen bitch on a mission. Shibie’s out to conquer the crypto space, one bone at a time.



Token distribution - or as we like to call it - the Shibie Shake-down. Here's how the kibble crumbles:

60% Presale:

Our Shibie’s first paw-steps towards glory. We're giving 60% of our tokens for the Presale. Grab it before she does!

10% CEX Listings:

Shibie is social; she needs her playdates. We’re dedicating 10% for CEX Listings.

5% Team:

For the pack that guides Shibie's leash on this wild walk, 5% of the tokens are set aside.

5% Marketing:

Can you bark it out louder for the ones in the back? Shibie is here, and the world better know it!

20% Liquidity:

'Cause Shibie likes her transactions smooth, just like her glossy coat.

She’s got her eyes set on the prize, and she’s not about to roll over and play dead

Shibie’s on a hot pursuit, and she won’t stop until she’s fetched herself a world that’s truly barktastic. So, are you ready to join Shibie on her mission?

Remember, Shibie’s a diva, a true stunner. But she’s also a wild one. Investing in her could be a wild ride, so do your homework and buckle up!

The crypto space?

Going MUTTS.

The Investors?

Their hearts are pounding like a drum.

The anticipation?

Palpable. As she leaves her paw prints across the crypto world, she promises, “I’ll Collie you later!”



Shibie may be a fun and frisky mutt, but investing in cryptocurrency comes with real risks. Make sure to do your research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Even Shibie knows not to chase after a car she can’t catch!